A firefighter-owned subscription box delivering top-notch apparel, gear, and tools, curated to support and celebrate the firefighter community.

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Thomas founded The Burn Box and had seen some initial traction, but had been unable to scale outside of organic social media marketing. He knew that unlocking a scalable, low customer acquisition cost channel was the key to success, so he reached out to Harbor Marketing Agency for professional help.


We started by conducting a Results Action Plan for Thomas. This consisted of a thorough audit and strategy development for his website conversion rate, Facebook ad account, Google ad account, social media pages, google search results, and email marketing.


As our testing progressed, we were able to identify new winning creative that resulted in a drastic reduction in acquisition costs. We eliminated the lower performing ads and allocated more and more budget towards the winning ads. On top of these improvements, we were able to expand their retargeting stacks by tapping into warm audiences that they were not previously targeting. We also unlocked new audiences of lookalikes and interest-based segments that produced massive returns.

"The second we started working with them, our sales more than doubled. I highly recommend them."

Thomas, Founder of The Burn Box

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