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Most agencies focus on vanity metrics like clicks, follows, and likes. Sounds great, but doesn't put more money in your pocket. That's where we come in.


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At the end of the day, the businesses that succeed are the ones with the best teams behind them. Nobody can do everything themselves.

... and hey, let's be honest, you probably didn't start your business so you could fiddle around with Facebook and Instagram Ads or design marketing emails in Canva all day...

Our team will give your marketing the attention, care, and expertise it deserves. We've successfully scaled brands to 8+ figures in revenue using online advertising and email marketing. We'll build a customized game plan for your business so you can acquire new customers more efficiently, generate more revenue from existing customers, and skyrocket your profits.

Let's get your business on track for record sales so you can enjoy running the business you've always dreamed of.

Talk soon,


Struggling to scale your ad spend in a post apple update world?

We've generated tens of millions in trackable revenue for our clients in a post-iOS update world using Facebook & Instagram ads and Email Marketing.

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Apparel brand that we helped scale to over $7M in annual sales during the pandemic.


Cocktail subscription box we helped scale to over $15M in annual revenue.


Brought Cost Per Lead down 50% using Facebook & Instagram Ads.

Who We Work With

Direct-To-Consumer Brands

Our expert team will help you maximize your paid advertising efforts, transforming your existing customers into loyal repeat buyers and boosting your ROI.

Subscription Box Companies

Looking to pack on more active subscribers, extend LTV, and decrease your churn rate? Subscription Boxes are our bread and butter.

Distilleries, Breweries, & Wineries

Want to increase tour bookings, fill up your tasting room or tap room, or get more people to your events? Let's see if we're a good fit.

Paid Social Marketing

We believe that a successful paid social strategy is the #1 growth lever you can pull to rapidly increase revenue. Our team of paid social strategists will get your brand in front of a targeted audience who are ready to buy your product or visit your location.

Email Marketing & SMS

We'll build out a complete customer journey for your brand. Whether someone joins your email list, abandons their cart, or purchases a new product, we'll ensure your customers get the right message at the right time. You just sit back and watch the sales roll in.

Here's what our clients have to say about us...

"Before starting with Harbor, we had trouble with consistency and bringing new traffic in regularly. Now we fill every tour slot. We've had to open up more slots and more days, and that has driven cocktail sales, bottle sales, and we're seeing better pull-through in our distribution."

Brad Blackwell
Lost Ark Distillery

"The unique thing I've found with Harbor Marketing Agency is that I truly feel like they're a part of our team. They have the strength, quality of work, and structure in their team where we know we're assigned to a really great person."

Ali Von Paris
Route One Apparel

"Incredibly clear communication and clear expectations of goals. And on top of everything else, the results have been out of this world."

Mike Milyavski
Shaker & Spoon

"Every time I check my emails it's... new order, new order, new order. I want anybody who is thinking about working with Harbor Marketing Agency to make sure you're prepared for the growth because I keep selling out."

Thomas Ansu
The Burn Box

But wait, there's more!

Hear what some more of our amazing clients have to say...
For our primary subscription box, they took a $100+ acquisition cost down to around $10 and gave us confidence where we can double down on growth. I have a high degree of confidence and trust in their assessments and rely on them as a true strategic partner.
Tim S.
The Preschool Box
"There's nobody in the industry that cares as much about your business as Harbor Marketing Agency. If you ask me as a Founder, that's the most important thing in an agency partner."
Kevin W.
Southern Scholar Socks
"The team at Harbor Marketing Agency did a beautiful job redesigning my website and transferring it over to Shopify. I have used their services for over a year in different capacities. They are experts in everything from websites to ads to email campaigns. They’re very detail-oriented and easy to work with! Highly recommend."
Scarlett S.
"I recently hired Harbor Marketing Agency to start running ads and we've grown tremendously. In just four short months, we've more than tripled our monthly revenue."
Marcel B.
Benson Watches
"We knew from the very beginning that Harbor Marketing Agency was the agency that we needed to go with. Even from the onboarding call it was clear that they had insights that we did not know about. Suddenly, all of the goals that we've had are starting to come into focus and we're starting to reach them and even go beyond them"
Adam M.
The BAM! Box
"Ever since we have started working with you guys, we have seen a huge ROI. You're responsive, your creative team is on point... it has just been amazing."
April C.
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Your New Marketing Team

Pictured: our team enjoying some wine and cheese, celebrating yet another client success story. No biggie, happens all the time.

Seriously though, the only thing we love more than a good team get-together is seeing our clients crush their sales goals. Want to be next?

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What happens when you book a strategy call?

We only take on clients that we truly believe we can help. For this reason, we need to learn about your business to ensure we're a good fit to work together.

Strategy call

You tell us all about your business, what has worked and what hasn't, and what your growth goals are.


We'll perform a full audit of your Facebook & Instagram ad account, website metrics, and email marketing ecosystem.

Present Findings

We'll hop on a second call to discuss our findings and chat about growth opportunities based on your unique situation.

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Shaker & Spoon

Scaled from $500k ARR to $15M ARR

Route One Apparel


How about them apples?

AR Woodworking

Brought Cost Per Lead down 50% using Facebook & Instagram Ads.

The Burn Box

Scaled to over $1M in revenue in four months


Squawk Box

Doubled conversion rate and increased revenue

The BAM! Box

Acquired tens of thousands of subscribers

Case Studies & Client Stories

AR Woodworking

Brought Cost Per Lead down 50% using Facebook & Instagram Ads.

View Case Study

Route One Apparel

Apparel brand that we helped scale to over $7M in annual sales during the pandemic.

View Case Study

Shaker & Spoon

Scaled from $500k in revenue to over $10M in annual revenue in two years

View Case Study

The Burn Box

Scaled to over $1M in revenue in four months

View Case Study

Squawk Box

Doubled conversion rate and increased revenue

View Case Study


Acquired tens of thousands of subscribers

View Case Study

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