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We eat pixels for breakfast, salivate to the sound of Shopify sales, and run paid ads like it's our job (oh... wait a minute).

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Are you "hustling" but still not seeing the sales growth you'd like?

Dont rip your hair out just yet...

If you're not growing as quickly as you'd like to, it probably just means you're putting too much time into the wrong things. The most successful subscription box and eCommerce brands understand that it takes a well-rounded marketing ecosystem to truly scale.

This means combining a great product and healthy profit margins with the right paid ads strategy, engaging organic social media, a high converting website, kick*ss email marketing, and an amazing customer experience.

We take a straight-forward approach to our client partnerships. Each working relationship begins with a thorough audit of your entire business — a Results Action Plan. This involves a deep dive into your value proposition, entire marketing funnel, unit economics, and more. What we end up with is a comprehensive marketing plan that maps out exactly what needs to be done to hit your revenue & profit targets. From there, we work with you to roll out the plan in a timeline that is aligned with your budget and goals.

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Avoid common pre-launch mistakes and get the momentum you need to scale your subscription box or eCommerce startup.

Growing Brands

Level-up your digital marketing channels with seasoned subscription box and eCommerce experts who have been there and done that.


Tap into the support you need to further expand your digital marketing strategy from the top experts in the business.

Feeling like you're "hustling" but still hearing crickets at the cash register?

Don't throw your laptop against the wall just yet...

There's a better way to do things... and it doesn't involve asking your Aunt Sally to share your next Facebook post for more engagement. We're talking about an actual growth plan that the big players use


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We'll Drink to That!

How we 8x'd Shaker & Spoon's revenue in 16 months

With a hunger for growth and a quest for better at-home cocktails, Shaker & Spoon's 8x revenue growth is something we'll raise a glass to.

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A Butterfly Gets It's Wings

Butterfly Box's 4x revenue growth in 4 months

A Christian subscription box that helps women to grow stronger in faith — after quadrupling revenue in 4 months, we'd say this box has wings.

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Collecting More Subscribers

How we capped out 3 subscription memberships for BAM! Box

A box of collectibles, celebrity autographs, fan-art, and more — the BAM! Box has collected more subscribers than they could handle!

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We don't believe in locking clients into long term contracts. Hey, if we're doing a good job you're going to stay anyway, right?

eCommerce & Subscription Box Expertise

Strategy, planning, and execution — we've been there and done that.

Full Service

Facebook & Instagram Ads, Website Design, Conversion Rate Optimization, and Email Marketing.

You know... all the things you know you should be doing but never actually got around to doing it.

Talent, not ping pong tables.

Being a remote-first agency means when you work with us, you know your money is going towards top-talent, not fancy ping pong tables and bean bag chairs

Steve Krakower


Priya Thatte

Senior Operations Specialist

Emily Bauer

Account Manager

Lindsay Kelly

Email Marketing Specialist

Paul Cassimus


Olivia Hutchison

Facebook Ads Specialist

Annie Tompkins

Digital Marketing Intern

Facebook Ads

Get your subscription box or eCommerce product in front of your exact target audience.

Google Ads

Show up when people search for keywords related to your business.

Email Marketing

Convert email subscribers into active customers, create a kick*ss onboarding experience, reduce churn and maximize LTV.

Web Design & CRO

Turn your website into a high-converting sales machine.

Content Production

Create relevant videos that resonate with your audience and push more customers and subscribers.

Graphic Design

Turn boring imagery into creative masterpieces that make your brand POP!

Data-driven creatives

that geek-out on helping eCommerce and subscription box brands scale.

2x Revenue

Average client growth within 3 months of working with Harbor Marketing Agency

From $500k to $4M in Annual Revenue

Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon


Butterfly Box


Maeven Box


Benson Watch


Step One: Full Funnel Audit

You wouldn’t trust a doctor who makes a diagnosis without looking into your symptoms first, right? So why would you do that with your marketing partner? Before we take on any client, we perform a thorough audit of their ad account and website to identify potential problem areas (we call them “funnel bottlenecks”) so we can devise a plan of attack that will lead your eCommerce store to unprecedented growth.

Step Two: Strategize

Based on these findings, we’re going to develop a customized plan just for you! There are definitely no one-size-fits-all solutions when it comes to scaling a business. Every brand has their own unique set of strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities. Our job is to identify what those are, capitalize on your strengths and opportunities, and help you to overcome your weaknesses and challenges. We do this through a meticulous planning process, expert execution, and continuous analyzing and tweaking to make sure everything is perfect.

Step Three: Lift-off

Now comes the fun part! With your fully customized, unique marketing strategy now in place, it’s time to launch. Our team of seasoned digital marketing experts will roll out your campaigns, all while you sit back, sip your coffee and watch the sales roll in!

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Don't just take our word for it! 
Here's what our clients have to say...

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