How To Build Your Brand’s Attractive Character

How are you framing your brand's Attractive Character?

Getting this locked down will make the rest of your content production infinitely easier.

The Attractive Character comes directly from Russell Brunson's Dot Com Secrets book. (If you haven't read Dot Com Secrets yet or you don't know who Russell Brunson is, stop everything you're doing and google him and order a copy).

Your Attractive Character is the person your audience will connect with. Think of Jared from Subway, Gary Vaynerchuck from VaynerMedia, or Oprah.

The Attractive Character is the person that will prove to your audience that their goals, dreams and ambitions are possible. So how can you build an Attractive Character for your brand?

It starts by locking in these key elements:

1. Story

What challenge did you overcome to get you to the point to where you are today? Your backstory is what humanizes you. It's what gives your audience a reason to follow you. It's what shows them that you started right where they are; and now you're where they want to be. Your story is what gives your audience hope that they can achieve their goals (which should ideally be aligned with what you're selling them).

2. Parables

What actionable lessons have you learned from your journey? How can you frame these into parables? This is where a significant amount of your content will come from. These lessons are what will provide actual value to your audience. How can you take what you learned to make their journey easier and help them reach their goals faster?

3. Character Flaws

It's important to avoid trying to frame yourself as some kind of perfect person who doesn't make mistakes. People are drawn to people who are similar them; warts and all. They are drawn to vulnerability. Show your audience that you're human and you make mistakes too. This only gives them more hope that they can achieve their goals, because they're just like you.

4. Polarizing

This one is big. Don't be a people pleaser. In order to really connect with your audience, you need to show them that you're not for everyone. Certain people won't follow you or like you, and that's ok. The people who DO follow you will be extremely loyal (and will likely buy all of your products).


Once you understand how to tie your four key elements together, you need to to form your identity.

This can be broken into four elements. Pick the one that best suits you.

  1. The Leader — Are you the type of person that will take charge, be a thought leader, and call the shots?
  2. The Adventurer/Crusader — Are you the type of person to try new things in your industry, test out new strategies, and come up with creative ways to succeed?
  3. The Reporter/Evangelist — this one is an easy place to start. Just interview other thought leaders in your industry via podcast or blog. You will be given high-value by association with them.
  4. The Reluctant Hero — Maybe you never wanted to be in the spotlight, but you had to because it's for the greater good. This positions you as someone who truly has value to give. You're only in this position because you KNOW that people need your product.

Story Lines

Finally, you will need to frame story lines that draw your audience in and teach them how to achieve their goals. People learn better from stories than any other form of information delivery. Your story lines are how you will tie together your four key elements and your identity.

The Story Line options are:

  1. Loss & Redemption — think of Dave Ramsey going from totally broke at age 28 and then going on to become a Financial Coach (and selling his course).
  2. Us vs. Them — Russell Brunson makes content specifically for non-funded or Non-Venture-Capital backed entrepreneurs. He refers to them as the "Real Entrepreneurs" that have to get creative with their marketing because they don't have an endless pool of money.
  3. Before & After — think about Jared from Subway and his transformation.
  4. Amazing Discovery — this is why diet products and hair loss products always sell so well. These brands use an attractive character with a new discovery that solves a major pain point for the audience.
  5. Secret Telling — Secret telling positions the attractive character as an authority figure and thought leader.
  6. 3rd Person Testimonial — Nothing is more powerful than social proof. If other people are praising you or your brand as a thought leader and someone who others can trust, it will go a very long way.

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