Episode 14: The Key to a Successful Subscription Box with Jenna Dorbin

In this week’s episode, our host Steve Krakower has an insightful conversation with Jenna Dorbin about the key to a successful subscription box. Jenna's unique and diverse experience ranges from media and advertising to e-commerce tech. After 4 years in Advertising Sales and Operations at Hulu, Jenna now manages Recharge's marketing agency partnership channel.

Listen and enjoy!

[00:01 – 03:54] Opening Segment

Jenna shares her background and work
Her experience being a partnerships manager
The current state of the subscription industry

[03:55 – 16:18]  The Key to a Successful Subscription Box
What brands/products are successful in the subscription space
How to retain customers and provide them with a great experience
Give customers flexibility and control over their subscription
Advantages of using Recharge over other subscription platforms
Offer a customer portal out of the box
Have SMS capabilities as part of the subscription management
Jenna’s advice for those who want to start a subscription box or add a subscription element

[16:19 – 17:26] Closing Segment

Want to connect with Jenna? Follow her on LinkedIn. Head to Recharge Payments, and get started with the subscription payments solution trusted by over 50 million subscribers across the world.

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Tweetable Quotes:

“Meeting customers where they are making subscription management extremely frictionless is super key to retaining customers.” -  Jenna Dobrin
“It’s really important to give buyers control over their subscription experience.” -  Jenna Dobrin
“Creating that deeper community. There's nothing worse than a frustrated customer, so just to create that harmony in the full funnel experience, being on that buyer journey is critical. ” -  Jenna Dobrin


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