Episode 09: Setting Your Mindset Up For Success with Cat Howell

Today’s episode on The Hungry Founder Podcast is all about flow. Entrepreneurs have heard it before, but, as guest Cat Howell will explain, very few take the actual steps to create a growth mindset that’s powerful enough to change the literal results of their choices in life. The secret: you have to consciously create an internal investigation of your emotions. 

Today, conduct that examination of your psyche alongside host Steve Krakower and learn the techniques that Cat’s infamous coaching program has put in place that will unlock your flow and totally transform your relationship with money into something healthy and freeing. 

3 Key Takeaways

Show Notes

[0:22] Cat introduces herself and what she does

[1:09] Steve’s relationship with Cat

[7:03] “What you believe in is how you’re going to experience life.” -Cat Howell

[12:50] Your thoughts literally dictate your actions and their outcome

[16:10] Cat’s example of an unhealthy relationship

[21:00] See yourself as the limitless energy that you are!

[24:00] Your identity is not set in stone

[25:00] The tactics that Cat recommends for her mindset-changing program

[30:11] Get into the habit of investigating your emotions


Cat’s free Masterclass: theflowprotocols.com

Become a part of their group flow protocols!

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Episode 09: Setting Your Mindset Up For Success with Cat Howell

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