Episode 08: Getting to know the ad space and growing like crazy organically with Eric Musick

Join host Steven Krakower on another inspiring episode of The Hungry Founder Podcast, where Steve talks with the only other subscription box podcast host in the industry: Eric Musick. Eric was a subscription box founder first, with a desire to work in tandem with his wife and have no regrets for not pursuing an idea. 

Today, Eric’s business is booming and he’s interviewed over 150 wildly popular entrepreneurs and subscription box founders. Hear what he has to say about keeping your life balanced from grind time to sleep time and pay special attention to making a space for proper study of your website and the paid ad space. Learn to push past the paralyzing fear of starting your entrepreneurial journey today!

3 Key Takeaways

Show Notes

[0:23] Eric introduces himself and what he does

[2:40] How Eric manages his time to stay on top of things

[8:00] Beating the old hustle, no sleep culture

[10:20] The origin behind Eric’s subscription box show

[15:00] Being an expert in the space today, what Eric would have done differently

[18:00] Know when the right time to get funding is 

[21:12] The vision for Lois and Laia

[24:19] The entrepreneur venture has the most risk at the beginning

[28:13] Eric’s cation to not get too focused on self development and networking


Website: louisandlea.com

Instagram: @officiallouisandlea

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