Episode 07: Taking The Leap: Reassess Your Success And Your Subscription Box Will Flourish

We hear about another defying-the-odds, leap-of-faith subscription box founder on this episode of The Hungry Founder Podcast. Our host Steve Krakower invites Olivia Canlas, CEO and cofounder of Meowbox, to share her story, particularly how she keeps her life genuine and mindful both through what she does for herself and through the choices she makes at work. Tune in and get inspired to help others or help yourself take that first, scary leap into a subscription box idea and learn advice Olivia wants you to have along the way, such as why you need to reassess success and not be afraid to let others help you flourish!

3 Key Takeaways

Show Notes

[0:20] Olivia introduces herself and what she does

[3:00] what motivated Olivia to try it out

[8:15] Advice Olivia would give to people who are scared to start out

[12:00] Self assessment: ask yourself how bad you want this

[13:10] How meditation and gratitude practice has affected her mindset as an entrepreneur

[18:45] Steve talks about how entrepreneurs tend to focus too hard on growth

[21:25] The marketing standpoint of Meowbox

[28:00] It’s trial and error!

[29:43] Olivia’s #1 piece of advice for people looking to start a subscription box


Website: Meowbox.com

Instagram: @meowbox

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