Episode 06: Permission to Dream: Be You and WIN at it with Drew Laine

 Our guest on today’s episode of The Hungry Founder Podcast likes to describe himself as a sum of three vital roles: entrepreneur, philanthropist, and father. Join host Steve Krakower and guest Drew Laine for their conversation about Drew’s journey from having a simple idea to running a popular subscription business that deals in ecommerce via software, all supported by several other businesses...founded by him!

Learn how Drew has found that nixing the sales approach entirely and instead focusing on building a community where emotional connections are made was not only helpful but 100% deciding for his business. Hear how Drew has found his hockey box flourishing through something entirely other than paid ads, and why you may need to reevaluate your marketing approach, too. 

3 Key Takeaways 

 Show Notes

[0:20] Drew introduces himself and what he does

[5:58] How thinking big has contributed to Drew’s success

[11:11] Some of the biggest challenges Drew came across

[16:12] What Drew has done to market and grow his subscriptions

[24:14] The moment that everything changed


Website: penaltybox.com

Foundation Website: penaltyboxfoundation.org

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