Episode 05: What it Really Takes to Keep Long-Term Subscribers with Jill Lodato

Steve Krakower and guest Jill Lodato get straight to the necessities of a successful subscription business on this episode of The Hungry Founder Podcast. Join them and learn why Jill is a passionate advocate for making each and every box personal--but not because of what you put in it. 

Jill will share her findings from founding a subscription box company for kids in the middle of a quarantine, outlining the effective ways she marketed their box (involving a popular YouTube channel and a not-yet-popular email list) and reaffirming why you should NOT overlook your organic marketing options first before taking a dive into the world of IOS and ads.  

3 Key Takeaways 

Show Notes

[0:22] Jill introduces what she does

[2:20] Why Jill started her YouTube and how she got so many followers

[5:15] Obstacles she came across when building her subscription box

[8:13] How long it took for Jill to go viral

[9:50] What Jill’s current marketing method looks like

[12:00] What Jill does to measure the success of their ad marketing strategy

[15:30] The importance of focusing on your branding

[17:15] The challenge of beginning a business that deals with subscription platforms

[20:00] How Jill builds customer relationships

[22:44] Jill’s number one piece of advice for others looking to found a subscription box business

Connect With Jill Lodato and her Subscription Box


To get a bonus for joining: email jill@kidsbakingclub.com

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