Episode 03: How Owning a Bird Turned Into a 9,000 Customer Subscription Box Service with Amanda

On today’s episode of the Hungry Founders Podcast, Host Steve Krakower’s guest, Amanda, talks about a subscription box service that was unique before it even began. Amanda has a pet bird named Walter. By simply owning Walter, Amanda identified a need for adoption and long-term care in birds like hers across the US, and that’s where it all started. 

Despite not having a degree in business or a clue how to begin, Amanda did her research and took a shot on a unique niche that eventually grew from 30 subscribers in the first month to 9,000 subscribers today. Today, she shares how she accidentally, organically created the perfect launch party, how she marketed for four years without spending anything over $50 a month on advertising, and her advice to listeners looking to start their own niche-specific business. Learn about the power of presentation and more today as we get into the specifics about her monthly subscription service for feathered friends.

3 Key Takeaways

Show Notes

[0:28]   introduces who she is and what she does

[4:30] Amanda takes us through her initial journey

[6:50] What her launch process looked like

[9:43] Only relying on Instagram posts for the first year

[12:28] What she’s doing to create a good experience and keep customers

The importance of having the right thing in your box 

[18:15] How Amanda handles customer service

[22:58] Amanda’s number one piece of advice for people looking to start a new business

Connect with Amanda’s Service

Website: www.squawkboxes.com

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