Episode 02: Mike and Anna from Shaker & Spoon

How to Build a Winning Subscription Product 

We join a dream team on today’s episode of the Hungry Founder Podcast. Hannah and Mike have become connoisseurs of the subscription box business space, starting theirs during the subscription box craze back in 2015. And though getting their first thousand customers took longer than either of them had hoped for, careful marketing strategy, thorough cost analysis, and creating real relationships between customers lead Shaker & Spoon to be the widely-spreading business that it is today.

Hannah and Mike aim to honestly share their journey with host Steve Krakower--the good and the bad--as they open up about dealing with the uncertainty of the pandemic, handling a big fall in summer sales, and anticipating the potential cost-waste of online advertising. Learn from their advice on how to advance through your marketing options naturally, the most effective ways to spread the word, and how to navigate the Facebook/IOS battles that are changing the future of ads. 

3 Key Takeaways

Show Notes

[0:22] Hannah and Mike talk about what they do

[2:15] Where they got their idea for the company

[5:00] Learning how hard having a company in the subscription space is

[9:20] How they got their first 1,000 subscribers

[13:50] Retaining active subscribers

[21:43] Their key factors for scaling past the 10,000 subscribers

[27:19] What you need to know when you get into Facebook ads

[30:19] Marketing in the pandemic

[33:58] How they work around IOS

[36:53] One piece of advice for people looking to quickly scale their subscription box business

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