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"The ROI on Harbor's services has made our decision to work with them a no-brainer."

- Sam Frank, Founder of Four Twelve Development

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The most powerful tool in your marketing arsenal should be managed by experts that can drive growth.

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Are you properly nurturing your leads and converting them into paying customers? Are you properly segmenting your audiences to personalize the communication process? Our email experts will take this off your hands.



Every single piece of your marketing funnel needs to operate like a finely tuned machine. We ensure that there are no holes in your funnel so you don’t lose sales.


While we work with many e-commerce and lead gen brands, subscription boxes are our speciality. By partnering with Harbor Marketing, you will have marketers on your team who have scaled subscription box companies from $0-10M+ in just a matter of months.


Here’s what People are saying…


“I've been working with Harbor Marketing for a few months and they are amazing! We have been using their Facebook Marketing services and they really want to see you win. They always follows through and are always looking to make sure you are getting the most return for your dollar. Before Harbor Marketing, I had tried over 3 different marketing agencies for similar services and they are by far the best.”

-Cristine Serrano, Owner of Ink Beauty Bar


“There are lots of lead generation products that make all kinds of claims. Bottom line is that Harbor's lead gen system works! Effective on day one. Love their product.”

-Luke Cooper, Founder and CEO of Fixt


“Our business has been working with Harbor Marketing for nearly 6 months. They have taught us a lot about best practices for Facebook marketing and are some of the smartest Facebook marketing strategists I have met during my time in business. The ROI on Harbor's services has made our decision to work with them a no-brainer - we have acquired clients and built a stronger internet presence through the use of their services.”

-Sam Frank, Owner of Four Twelve Roofing


“You can not only trust that Harbor will position your brand for success but they will ensure it!”

-Alana Tompkins, VP of Business Development at Media Star Promotions


“Harbor Marketing Agency is amazing. They do a great job working with you to truly understand your product and the best strategy to get the biggest ROI on your marketing dollar.”

-Jake Tunney, Founder of GiveFit


How We Work

While we specialize in Facebook Advertising and Campaign Management, we recognize that every piece of the marketing funnel needs to do its job in order for the entire strategy to be effective.

That’s why we take a holistic approach to our marketing funnels.

If your Facebook Ads are doing a great job of generating clicks, but your site is not converting the way it needs to, the entire strategy will fall apart. If your site is doing a great job of generating leads, but your emails have extremely low open rates or click-through-rates (CTRs), it means that something in your marketing funnel is broken.

Before we work with a client, we perform a thorough audit of their business, diagnose any problem areas and design a plan of attack that will ensure success.


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