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How We 5x'd The Burn Box's Revenue with Facebook Ads & Email Marketing

In less than six months, we were able to significantly reduce customer acquisition costs and scale ad spend on Meta for The Burn Box, resulting in 5x revenue and thousands of new customers acquired.

The Problem

When The Burn Box met us...

When The Burn Box came to us, they had tried paid ads, but hadn't quite cracked the code yet. They had big growth goals, but didn't have a consistent, reliable way to pack on new subscribers every month. That's when they decided to work with Harbor Marketing Agency.

Our Approach

How We 5x'd Revenue for The Burn Box

Conversion Rate Recommendations

We were able to make some website recommendations that helped improve the user experience, educate customers about what was inside the box, and build enough trust to make a purchase.

Paid Advertising Campaigns on Meta

We leveraged Facebook & Instagram ads to on build Top of Funnel and retargeting campaigns that showed customers relevant messaging and creative based on where they were in the buying journey.

Email Marketing Management

We built a full email marketing infrastructure for The Burn Box, which included automations for converting leads into customers, onboarding new subscribers,  and retaining existing subscribers.



5x'd Revenue in less than 6 months, which allowed Thomas to step out of the sales side of the business and focus on the parts he enjoys.

Acquisition Costs

Achieved profitable customer acquisition costs in less than one month, which allowed us to scale ad spend and bring in a higher volume of customers.

Time Freedom

By delegating his marketing, Thomas was able to focus on the parts of the business he enjoys, spend more with his family, and focus on his firefighting career.

Consistently Grow Your Revenue

No more uncertainty about traffic and sales. Our team will turn your marketing efforts into a finely tuned machine, generating a consistent flow of customers.

Outsource Your Marketing to Experts

Leave the complexities of digital marketing to us, so you can focus on creating an amazing subscription experience for your customers.

Get Your Time Back & Enjoy Your Business

Nobody starts a subscription box so they can manage Facebook Ads until 2 am every day. You've done enough heavy lifting. We'll take it from here.

our services for subscription box brands

Meta Advertising

We use Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram) to get more eyeballs on your subscription box and drive qualified traffic to your website.

Email Marketing

We'll help you build an email marketing ecosystem that will convert more leads and retain your current subscribers for months on end.

Google Advertising

Get in front of people who are already searching for what you have to offer.

SMS Marketing

The highest open rates of any marketing channel. SMS is an excellent way to supplement your email strategy.

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