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Shaker & Spoon

Shaker & Spoon partnered with Harbor Marketing Agency to aggressively scale ad spend while bringing down customer acquisition costs.

How Shaker & Spoon 8x'd their revenue and active subscriber base with Facebook and Google Ads.


Shaker & Spoon had seen some decent results with Facebook™ Ads, but every time they tried to scale, their customer acquisition costs would skyrocket. They were unsure how to scale their business without an effective paid digital media strategy in place.


Scale Shaker & Spoon's Facebook™ Ads Campaign as aggressively as possible while lowering acquisition cost to below $60.

Phase One: Funnel Audit

We started by conducting a thorough audit of Shaker & Spoon's Facebook™ Ad Account, website and business, which enabled us to pinpoint some areas for improvement in their campaign. Some bottlenecks they were running into included:

❌ Low Click Through Rates
❌ Slow site speed
❌ High Bounce Rates
❌ High Add To Cart Drop-off Rates
❌ No schema installed

We used this information to develop a customized strategy tailored to their specific needs.

Phase Two: Strategize

Once these bottlenecks were identified, we got to work. We started by building on top of what was already working. This meant finding the winning audience and creative combinations and using those as our baseline.From there, we begin split testing variations of the successful ad creative, as well as designing brand new ad creative with new copy angles.

Phase Three: Optimize & Scale

As our testing progressed, we were able to identify new winning creative that resulted in a drastic reduction in acquisition costs. We eliminated the lower performing ads and allocated more and more budget towards the winning ads.

On top of these improvements, we were able to expand their retargeting stacks by tapping into warm audiences that they were not previously targeting. We also unlocked new audiences of lookalikes and interest-based segments that produced massive returns.


8x Monthly Revenue

50% Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost

8x Monthly Subscribers

"Incredibly clear communication and clear expectations of goals. And on top of everything else, the results have been out of this world."

— Mike, CEO of Shaker & Spoon

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