Route One Apparel

A Maryland state-pride apparel brand selling fashionable, affordable, and fun products that let their customers make a “STATE-ment."



Revenue during the pandemic


Return On Ad Spend


Ad Spend Scale

01: Who They Are

Route One Apparel is a popular clothing and accessories brand that sells Maryland-themed apparel, merchandise, and accessories so that people can show their state pride.

02: Our Approach

We started out by conducting an in-depth of their Facebook Ad account. We found identified some areas for improvement such as campaign objective improvements, enhancing the ad creative, and ensuring the messaging was relevant to the audience depending at the stage of the funnel they were in.

Once we identified these opportunities, we got to work building out new ad creative, switching up the account campaign structure, and writing copy that matched the customer journey.

03: The Results

We have been working with Route One Apparel for over three years. Notable highlights in that time include 7x increase in revenue during the pandemic with a 10x ROAS, as well as scaling up ad spend 10x.

What the client says...

"The team at Harbor does a good job at listening to your specific needs and goals and curating a program to achieve them. They are very KPI/metrics focused and that helps me stay focused on other projects while entrusting we are achieving results. We have monthly calls to recap results, and we also have a shared board where they have access to upcoming promotions and help us with scheduling, copy, and targeting.

During the pandemic, they were solely responsible for 80% of our site traffic and were able to increase traffic by at least 2000%.

We have a very effective workflow with Harbor Marketing agency. They are boutique and intimate and have very little turnover in the company so it makes it easier to rely on them."

Ali Von Paris,
Founder of Route One Apparel

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