Episode 7 - Interview with Liza Moiseeva of GlobeIn

On this episode of The Box Biz, I speak with Liza Moiseeva. Liza is the Co-Founder of GlobeIn, an artisan subscription box that delivers handmade and ethically sourced goods from around the world.

In this episode, Liza and I dive into...

How GlobeIn got started - 1:10
The Importance of a Product Differentiation Strategy - 5:00
How Your Brand Mission Can Lower Acquisition Cost and Churn - 7:00
How To Leverage The Power of Facebook Groups For Your Box Company - 10:30
How To Use Facebook Groups As A Lead Warming Strategy - 13:00
How To Use Facebook Groups To Showcase your customer service - 15:30
How To Manage A Growing Facebook Group - 20:00
GlobeIn’s Paid Acquisition Strategy - 23:00
GlobeIn’s Retention Strategy - 24:30
How To Increase Average Order Value - 27:30
How Personalization Can Decrease Churn - 29:00
Advice For New Subscription Box Entrepreneurs - 32:00

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