Episode 2 - Interview with Ryan Hogan of Hunt A Killer

On this episode of The Box Biz, I speak with Ryan Hogan, the CEO and Co-Founder of Hunt A Killer.

Hunt A Killer is a subscription box that delivers an episodic murder mystery story right to your doorstep every month.

Ryan and I dive deep into….

How Ryan started Hunt A Killer - 1:20

The stages of scaling a subscription box company - 5:40

The cyclical nature of the subscription box industry and a strategy to keep sales up during the slow months - 9:50

The importance of developing the right strategic partnerships - 13:00

How customer feedback has influenced Hunt A Killer's product iterations - 16:30

How to transition from a niched product to mass market - 23:40

What Ryan would do differently if he had to start Hunt A Killer from scratch - 31:38

Hunt A Killer's plans for the future - 33:28

Once piece of advice Ryan would give to an aspiring subscription box entrepreneur - 36:15

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