Episode 5 - Interview with Ryan Fritzky of Bean Box

On this episode of The Box Biz, I speak with Ryan Fritzky. Ryan is the Co-Founder of Bean Box, a coffee discovery platform that features freshly roasted coffee from Seattle’s top-rated roasters.

In this episode, Ryan and I deep dive into...

How Bean Box got started : 1:25

How to get started on a tiny marketing budget: 12:40

How Bean Box acquired their early adopters: 19:30

Marketing channels are not silos: 23:02

How to Balance Transaction Conversation vs. Relationship Building Conversation: 28:30

The #1 Thing That Will Lower Churn and Increase LTV: 31:00

How Bean Box Grew By Protecting Their Product, Not Expanding It: 33:00

The inch-wide, mile-deep strategy: 37:30

Ryan’s one piece of advice for new ecommerce brands: 39:50

Subscription Box Growth Academy: www.facebook.com/groups/subscriptiongrowthacademy/

Harbor Marketing Agency: harbormarketingagency.com

Bean Box: beanbox.co/

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