Episode 4 - Interview with Nate Champion of LTV Champ

On this episode of The Box Biz, I speak with Nate Champion. Nate is the Founder of LTV Champ, a retention focused growth consultancy for startups. Before founding LTV Champ, Nate worked in retention at both Freshly and Dollar Shave Club.

In this episode, Nate and I deep dive into...

Nate’s history working in subscription box retention: 0:40

Nate’s #1 piece of advice for lowering churn: 11:50

Why it is crucial to have data-oriented marketers running your retention efforts: 13:35

How to improve your onboarding experience to lower churn: 18:40

What Nate would do if he were to perform a “retention audit” on a subscription box company: 25:10

How to prioritize your retention efforts: 29:00

How to effectively communicate with your members via email: 31:30

Nate’s advice on how to build a killer marketing tech stack: 42:00

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