7 Tips To Improve Your Facebook Ad Copy


Facebook Ads can be tough. Often times, you can end up spinning your wheels wondering why your Click-Through-Rate is so low and your Cost-Per-Click is so high. More times than not, the ad creative is the problem.

Here are 7 things to include in your next Facebook Ad:

1. Call Out Your Audience.

There's no better way to grab someone's attention than calling them out personally. So instead of just diving right into your ad copy, call out your audience first. For example, let's say you're a gym targeting football players in Baltimore. You can start out by saying, "Attention Baltimore Football Players!"

2. Ask A Question.

Remember, you have about 0.2 seconds to capture their attention, so you better hook them with something good. Follow up your call-out with a question that directly addresses their problem, need, or want. "Are you looking to take your game to an elite level next season?"

3. Create Urgency.

Procrastination is the killer of action. Give them a reason to act NOW! I.e. - offers ends TODAY, Only X Spots Left, Time is Running Out, etc.

4. Benefits Not Features.

Why should people buy your product? How does it help them? If you're not sure whether you're describing a benefit or a feature, just ask yourself "so what?" If the answer doesn't explain how your product benefits the customer, you're describing a feature and need to go deeper.

5. What's Your Offer?

Don't end your ad with a bland "Click Now To Purchase" call to action. How are you hooking people in? You need to get people excited about something. Adding 10% off or a bonus product significantly increase the likelihood that people will actually take your desired action.

6. Have A Strong Call To Action

Make sure that people know exactly what you want them to do. You should include your CTA at least twice in every ad. It should be very clear that you want people to go to a specific page, book an event, or send your business a message.

7. Use "Pattern Interrupt"

Your images have to be interesting and attention-grabbing. It should be something that makes people stop and say "woah, what's that?" This is also why stock photos typically don't perform well...

So there you have it! 7 tips to improve your Facebook Ad Copy. Use these tips the next time you're designing a Facebook Ad and watch your CTR skyrocket!


Steve Krakower