Copywriting Tips for Beginners

95% of the work involved in writing good copy happens before you start writing. Good copywriting requires research to develop a firm understanding of exactly who your target persona is. Once you understand this, it will be so much easier to craft your message in a way that resonates with them.

Things to think about when building out your target persona:

- Sex
- Age
- Profession
- Marital status
- Location
- Education
- Income
- Family composition
- Where do they hang out?
- What kind of magazines/books do they read?
- What types of workshops/seminars/associations they are in?
- Where do they like the shop?
- What problems do they have?
- How does your product/service solve their problem?
- How can you construct an offer for your product/service in a way that SOLVES their problem and does not conflict with any of their other lifestyle habits or characteristics?

Example for a marketing client:

"Kara is a 53 year old small business owner (private dental practice) living in Baltimore, MD. She is married with three kids, and makes an annual household income of $160K. On the weekends, she enjoys going on outdoor adventures such as hiking and kayaking with her family, but lately her business has taken up too much time for her to enjoy these luxuries. She is an avid reader of business and self-help books, as she is trying to grow her business in time to comfortably retire. Her problem is that she struggles to find a way to balance treating her patients, scaling her business, and then also finding time to spend with her family."


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Steve Krakower