Why You Should Add A Two Step Order Form To Your Funnel


Don’t Let Sales Slip Through The Cracks

If you’re driving traffic to your site with the goal of generating online sales, you should probably install a Two-Step Order Form in your funnel. Now, of course this is something that you’ll want to split test, but it’s a good best practice to make sure you’re not letting any sales slip through the cracks.

Why are Two-Step Order Forms so important?

Well, think about the high amount of Abandon Carts that an average e-commerce store experiences. These are all people that were about to purchase, but for one reason or another decided not to at that exact moment. A HUGE percentage of these people are thinking something along the lines of “I’ll buy this later, just not right this second.” Here’s the thing: they’re only going to buy later if you REMIND them to buy later…and you can’t remind them to buy later if you don’t have their contact info.

By collecting names email addresses before asking for their credit card information, you will be able to put these high-intent customers onto an email sequence that promotes the products they were interested in buying.

Traditional Order Forms

Traditional Order Forms collect the contact info and the credit card details on the same page. The massive downside to this is that if a person abandons cart, this loses both the sale and the lead. They have no ability to follow up and win that customer back because they never actually submitted their contact information.

A Two-Step Order Form is a great way to break up the checkout process into two steps: Lead Generation and Conversion.

Step One: Lead Generation

In the Lead Generation Step, your main goal is to collect their name, email, phone number, and any other information you may need, and put that lead into a follow up sequence. People are generally more willing to give a business their contact info than their credit card details, so it makes sense to break this process up and make sure that if you lose them, you can at least follow up with them. Remember, odds are that they will abandon cart.

Step Two: Conversion

The Conversion Step is where you actually make the sale. This is the step where they put in their credit card info and click “Submit.” This is the main pain point in your checkout process, and it’s where you will see your highest drop-off rate. When (not if) people abandon cart, you should have an email sequence setup from your Lead Generation step that addresses every possible objection that person may have that caused them to abandon cart. Once you follow up with them in a personalized manner that addresses their possible objections, they will be much less likely to abandon cart when you direct them back to your checkout page.


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