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The Most Powerful targeting tool in the world combined with expert marketers is a recipe for explosive growth. 

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Our Process

Harbor Marketing Agency uses audience mapping to figure out the right audience for your business.

1. Audience Mapping

We develop several personas who are likely to purchase your product or service. From there, we split test ad performance against each of these personas.

Harbor Marketing Agency uses Hyper Targeting to identify your ideal customer.

2. Hyper-Targeting

Once a winning persona is identified, we breakdown the data into demographic segments to further pin point exactly what type of person is likely to be your ideal customer. 

Harbor Marketing Agency uses offers to identify what exactly your audience needs.

3. Hook

Once we have a hyper-targeted persona, we begin split testing different offers or "hooks." We run different offers to your target persona in order to determine which "hook" resonates the best with your audience.

Harbor Marketing Agency builds out entire marketing funnels to increase your revenue.

4. Build The Customer Experience

Once we have identified our highest performing "hook," it's time to build out the entire marketing funnel. This includes a full prospecting campaign, retargeting campaign, and email or chat bot series.

Harbor Marketing Agency constantly tests new ads and creative materials to optimize your campaign.

5. Test and Deliver

Once the funnel is built, we begin split testing different ad creative to identify the exact type of messaging that influences your target audience to take your desired action. 

Harbor Marketing Agency continually monitors and optimizes your campaign to ensure your business is a well-oiled marketing machine.

6. Optimize

Finally, we constantly monitor and optimize your campaign to ensure your business is a well-oiled marketing machine. 

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“I've been working with Steve for a few months and he is amazing! We have been using his Facebook Marketing services and he really wants to see you win. He always follows through and is always looking to make sure you are getting the most return for your dollar. Before Steve, I had tried over 3 different marketing agencies for similar services and he is by far the best. With the constant facebook algorithm updates and changes he is always staying up to date with knowledge.”

Cristine Serrano, Owner of Ink Beauty Bar

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