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Harbor Marketing Agency worked with BREO Box to create a full-funnel marketing strategy with a goal of profitably acquiring customers through paid advertising.

How BREO Box 4x'd their revenue and active subscriber base in 4 months with Facebook Ads & Content Production.


BREO Box was struggling to really scale their Facebook™ Ads Campaigns and bring in the customer volume they needed to achieve their growth goals. Every time they would try to scale, CPAs would skyrocket.


Scale BREO Box’s Facebook™ Ads Campaigns profitably by maintaining a Customer Acquisition Cost of less than $80.

Phase One: Funnel Audit

We started by conducting a thorough audit of BREO Box's Facebook™ Ad Account, website and business, which enabled us to pinpoint some areas for improvement in their campaign.

Some bottlenecks they were running into included:

❌ Low Click Through Rates
❌ Slow Site Speed
❌ High Bounce Rates
❌ Low Add To Cart Rates
❌ High Add To Cart Drop-off Rates
❌ Minimal Retargeting
❌ Low conversion rates

We used this information to develop a customized strategy tailored to their specific needs.

Phase Two: Strategize

Once these bottlenecks were identified, we got to work. We tested brand new ad creative that highlighted selling points that had not yet been tested. Additionally, we worked with the BREO team to improve their conversion rate so that we could ensure the traffic we were driving to their site would convert. Finally, we expanded their retargeting stacks to ensure we were leveraging as many warm audiences as we possibly could.

Phase Three: Optimize & Scale

As we began to identify our winning ad creative, we slowly scaled up our campaigns to ensure we kept our acquisition costs within the acceptable threshold.

Within a few weeks, we had profitably 3x’d the monthly ad spend in the ad account.


$300k Revenue Increase

3.3x ROAS

50% Reduced Customer Acquisition Cost

"They have been really great to work with. Super responsive, they've been helping us with our total marketing strategy, retention, and with Facebook Ads."

— Aleks, Co-Founder of BREO Box

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