drive more foot traffic, increase tour bookings, and skyrocket sales for your brewery, winery, or distillery

CASE STUDY: In less than two months, we were able to double tour sales for Lost Ark Distillery, resulting in the need to open more slots and increase capacity, as well as drive significant growth in cocktail and bottle sales and increase community engagement and brand recognition.

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The Problem

When Lost Ark Distillery came to us...

Brad, the owner and distiller at Lost Ark Distillery, was facing a tough challenge. Their lack of brand awareness and traffic to their website was causing a significant barrier to growth and stability. They needed a reliable way to attract consistent traffic, enhance community engagement, and boost sales of tours, cocktails, and bottles. That's when they decided to partner with Harbor Marketing Agency.

    our approach

    How we maxed out tour bookings for lost ark distillery

    Paid Advertising Campaigns

    We leveraged Facebook & Instagram ads to drive traffic to their tours, increase brand awareness, and promote their new cocktail offerings.

    Regular Check-Ins

    Regular bi-weekly reports and monthly check-ins ensured that we were always aligned with Lost Ark's goals and needs.

    Responsive Support

    Our team was always on hand to answer any questions, providing peace of mind and confidence in the marketing process.


    Tour Bookings

    Tour sales doubled in just a few months, necessitating the addition of more slots and days.

    Cocktail Sales

    Lost Ark Distillery saw a significant growth in cocktail and bottle sales.

    Increased Distribution

    The distillery saw improved distribution in liquor stores and better placements in restaurant menus.

    Community Engagement

    They noticed enhanced community engagement and brand recognition.

    Consistently Grow Your Revenue Each Month

    No more uncertainty about traffic and sales. Our team will turn your marketing efforts into a finely tuned machine, generating a consistent flow of customers.

    Outsource Your Marketing to Experts

    Leave the complexities of digital marketing to us, so you can focus on crafting exceptional beer, wine, or spirits.

    Enjoy Your Business, Let Us Handle the Marketing

    Running a brewery, winery, or distillery should be about passion, not worrying over marketing strategies. We'll take care of bringing customers to your door, so you can do what you do best.

    Our Services Tailored for Beer, Wine, & Spirit Makers

    Meta Advertising

    We use Meta Ads (Facebook & Instagram) to get more eyeballs on your brand and drive qualified traffic to your website.

    Email Marketing

    We'll help you build an email marketing ecosystem that will convert more leads into customers and get your existing customers coming back through the door.

    Google Advertising

    Get in front of people who are already searching for breweries, wineries, or distilleries in your area.

    SMS Marketing

    The highest open rates of any marketing channel. SMS is an excellent way to supplement your email strategy.

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